Live or Alive

Live or Alive Short Film (2020)


‘Live or Alive’ is a Kannada Horror Short Film which shows a Horror-Drama elements in it.

Cast & Crew

Story-Screenplay-Editing-Direction: M V Ramesh

Cast: Rameez, Namitha, Raghu Veer M, Manjunath Magaji, Yogi, Anand Shetty, Arun, Adrash

Associate Director: Yogesh

Art Director: Anand Shetty

Sound Effects: AR Sound Effects

DI, VFX, Dubbing: MR Studio Camera

Operator: Manjunath Magaji

Digital Partner: Yoursearch Films ( )

Technical Details

Runtime: 17 min

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1

Resolution: 4K

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