Neralu Short Film (2021)


In this world, we see humans but no humanity. Kindness is the important tool to spread love among Humanity. Even in this pandemic we lost the kindness, one random act of kindness can change the world.

Cast & Crew

Movie: Neralu – In Search of Humanity
Released Year: 2021
Cast: Shivamogga Ramanna, Ishanvi Nag, Deeksha, Akash, Yathish, Kiran, Akilesh, Deva
Writer, Director: Puneeth Rangaswamy
Co-Director & Executive Producer: Arun S Abbur
DOP: Rohan Ramakrishna
Editor: Harish Gowda
Colorist: Pradeep Vasudev
Dubbing: Signature Studio
Special Thnaks: T.S.Thimaaiah, Shutter Space
Digital Partner: Yoursearch Films

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