Erehulu – Don’t Judge By Appearance, Kannada Short Film 2020 Directed By Satish Kumar Rajendran, Starring with Vijay Chendoor, Rajendran, Sugreev, Karthick Vaibhav, This Film shows us ‘A Marketing executive who gets a mobile on the road,. which he picks up,. what will happen next is the rest of the story’.

Cast & Crew

Director, Story, Editor: Satish Kumar Rajendran

Starring: Vijay Chendoor, Rajendran, Sugreev, Karthick Vaibhav

Cast: Vijay Chendoor – Marketing Executive, Rajendran – Old Man, Sugreev – Constable, Karthick Vaibhav – Victim 2

DOP: Shri Hari

Making and Other Assistance: Ashik Mangalore

Assistant Direction: Vamsi Nayak, Chandru K

Poster Design: Dass Rebel

Sound Design: Sanju YBH

Music: Girish Hothur

Digital Partner: Yoursearch Films

Technical Details

Runtime: 12 min

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1

Resolution: 4K

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